We ALREADY know that research can save lives.

Trauma is a major cause of death and disability and the second most expensive health care problem in the U.S.

It’s time we got serious about treating this public health problem.

Clinical trials networks are proven to coordinate priorities, consolidate effort and reduce redundancy, enabling researchers to find solutions more quickly. A TRAUMA CLINICAL TRIALS NETWORK will accelerate the development of evidence-based guidelines for improved trauma treatment.

Even a 5% reduction in trauma deaths, injuries and economic burden would save 9,000 lives, prevent 1.5 million injuries, and reduce the nation’s healthcare burden by $20 billion

What are we waiting for?

The National Trauma Institute advocates for a federally funded Trauma Clinical Trials Network to accelerate the development of evidence-based guidelines to improve the treatment of trauma.

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U.S. Deaths
Due to Trauma
since Jan. 1, 2014:

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